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Commercial Services

More than a residential and commercial cleaning vendor, First Class Carpet Care is your experienced business partner with more than 15 years of professional cleaning experience.


Rely on First Class Carpet Care 's certified and background-checked commercial cleaners to:

Protect your image, occupants, and bottom line.

  • Understand and meet your unique commercial cleaning challenges.

  • Use our industry-specific experience to offer pro-active solutions that help you save time and costs.

  • Support a clean, attractive, healthy, and safe environment that promotes productivity and satisfaction.

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Like today's modern fibers, most upholstery is synthetic.


Additionally, our technicians have just as much experience with delicate and luxurious fibers and fabrics. Including but not limited to velvets, jacquards, cottons (including Haitian cotton).


Tile & Grout

Our tile and grout cleaning service is designed to restore your home or office to its original beauty.


We use the latest technology and advanced cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime, leaving your tiles and grout sparkling clean.


Our experienced technicians have the expertise to tackle even the toughest jobs, ensuring your space looks its best.


Repairs & Restretching

Over time carpet can get "bumps" which is carpeting that may not have been properly installed or had heavy use in high-traffic areas.


You can rest assured that our carpet repair specialists can smooth out those unsightly trip hazards, reinstalling to industry standards.


Damage like cigarette burns and iron burns can be restored in most cases.

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Cleaning for Health

While carpet can become unsightly from soiling from food, spills, pets, dirt tracked in from the outside, and automotive grease and oils.  Carpeting also serves as a "sink" for allergens, molds, pollens, pet hair, dander, and industrial chemicals. All of these contribute to poor indoor air quality. As the "sink" is filled, the fibers act like a holding place for pollutants which is actually better than hard-flooring because the contaminants are not being stirred into the air like they are with hard floors.


Studies show that carpet cleaning using steam extraction should be done at least yearly to keep the levels of pollutants to a minimum which ensures a safe indoor air quality environment for you and your family. Our cleaning agents are bio-friendly, certified green, and safe, made from food ingredients and natural products. We never use perchloroethylene, optical brighteners, naphthalene, or any other toxic chemicals.


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